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Welcome to Medina Flooring Contractors. If you are in need of a affordable flooring contractor in Medina Ohio or surrounding counties look no further. We, at MFC give our best to provide the most affordable floor installation services without sacrificing quality. “Word Of Mouth” is our go to marketing strategy, so we make sure to go above and beyond to fully satisfy our customers by using the highest quality flooring materials as well as the best flooring installation services. We provide a full range of residential flooring and commercial flooring contractor services. Laminate Flooring SPC Vinyl FLooring Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation Carpet Flooring Tile Floor Installation

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When designing the interior of your home, you may want to give it your best touch by ensuring everything comes together including the floors. Flooring is important as it is the bridge for physical contact in your home. While it may be tempting to try laying floors by yourself, it is important to bring in professionals like Medina Flooring Contractors. We have the tools, equipment, and skills to take your vision and turn it into reality. Other benefits of hiring professionals include:


Over the years, we have had about 104 completed projects and have gathered 15 awards for our work. This has given us a great deal of experience which we will apply to your home project. We understand the process for each type of flooring and the amount of time that the project will take. At Medina Flooring, we can preempt any problems that might arise based on the surface and flooring type that we are working with. We can give you professional recommendations on the flooring that would be ideal for your home or office area based on your budget and vision for the space.

Smooth installation

Laying floors is not as simple as it looks. There is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration such as the surface underneath, repairs to be done, prep work, and clean-up. You also need to consider safety measures to avoid damage and injury. Instead of wasting resources attempting a DIY only to look for flooring companies around me after the damage is done, allow Medina Flooring to take over from the start. We will ensure proper preparation of the surface beforehand, clear out any breakables and work effectively to be done on time. During this time, you can attend to other things without worrying about your floors.

Customer satisfaction

At Medina Flooring Contractors, we take our work very seriously. As such, most of the clients we deal with are left satisfied with the job done. We have great reviews that prove how seriously we take customer satisfaction. This is one of the pros of dealing with a professional flooring company. You get to read how well we have performed on other projects before we begin the work. This will inspire confidence in us. We also provide photos of completed projects for you to look at. You can get inspired by them and fine-tune your vision.

Increasing your home value

When home improvements are done well, they can help increase the value of your home. When looking for flooring companies around me, you want to keep this in mind. We lay the floors beautifully making sure that the design you choose is durable. This will give you a high return on investment should you choose to rent out or sell your home. Furthermore, our professionals work diligently when laying the floor, the first time to ensure you won’t require constant repairs or replacements. Your floors will maintain their beauty and shine all year round for years to come.


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