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Welcome to Medina Flooring Contractors. If you are in need of a affordable flooring contractor in Medina Ohio or surrounding counties look no further. We, at MFC give our best to provide the most affordable floor installation services without sacrificing quality. “Word Of Mouth” is our go to marketing strategy, so we make sure to go above and beyond to fully satisfy our customers by using the highest quality flooring materials as well as the best flooring installation services. We provide a full range of residential flooring and commercial flooring contractor services. Laminate Flooring SPC Vinyl FLooring Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation Carpet Flooring Tile Floor Installation

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When designing an interior space, flooring is considered a high priority as it lays the foundation to access and enjoy the space. Thus, it is important to have good flooring as it determines how your space will look together and how long it will last. At Medina Flooring Contractors, we provide the best flooring options for you including:

Laminate flooring

This type of flooring is made of three main layers. It has a light wood base with a laminated photo of tile or wood attached to it. On top, it has a protective layer of tough clear plastic. It is a cost-friendly option and we offer man designs for you to choose from. It is best if you don’t live in moisture-prone areas. Its anti-scratch properties will be handy especially if you have kids or pets. If you are looking for flooring companies around me to install laminate floors, we have got you covered.

Vinyl flooring

This particular flooring is popular for its super water-resistant qualities. This is because it is made from plastic. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) are newer forms preferred due to durability. Vinyl is best for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and laundry areas. We offer a variety of styles and it is low maintenance. Due to its versatility, vinyl can be made to resemble stone, glass, timber, and tiling. It is easy to maintain and gives you a luxurious look at a more affordable price.

Carpet flooring

Are you looking for flooring companies around me for our bedroom? Carpet flooring may be a great option. We offer a variety of colors and designs. Thanks to technology, we also have stain-resistant carpets. They can be made from wool, synthetic fibers, or both. They are comfortable and we can install them wall to wall making the room look bigger and feel warmer. We can also install it in your office, living room, or any room you want to make cozy.

Tile flooring

This is a great stylish option for any room in the house. We have ceramic and porcelain tiles for you to choose from. It is water-resistant and great for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. We provide a proper installation that will ensure they are durable without any cracks. With the options we have available, you can choose a pattern that will match the design aesthetic of your home.

Hardwood flooring

If you are searching for flooring companies around me for the best hardwood floors, look no further. We offer the best hardwood flooring options made from high-quality, durable wood. Depending on your preference, we can make the installation to a variety of finishes from rustic to more polished finish. The common sources of hardwood include walnut, maple, cherry, and oak. With hardwood flooring, we will guide you on how to polish and clean the floors to keep them looking new and fresh. With proper maintenance, it can last you man years. It will also increase the value of your home.