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Some surfaces such as plywood, MDF, and OSB tend to crack after tiling when exposed to movement, deflection, or moisture. As such, a decoupling agent like ditra needs to be installed underneath the tiles to maintain their integrity. At Medina Flooring Contractors, we offer the best ditra installation services that will offer you the following benefits:

  • It absorbs the stress and pressure that surfaces such as plywood, MDF, and OSB can’t absorb leading to bends and cracks. Thus, you will have a smooth finish of beautiful tiling that can tide you over for years to come.
  • With proper ditra installation, you are assured of waterproofing. For this, we will need to fill in the gaps properly when laying the mat and ensure the tiles have been fixed together. The surface below will be kept dry achieving a flat even surface of tiling.
  • If you have plywood, MDF, and OSB on our walls as well, we can still assure you of proper tiling thanks to the strong adhesive used in ditra installation. It works excellently on both walls and floors. We will be able to give you the beautiful tiles that you envisioned for your walls.