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Designing your home interior means putting your personal touch on all aspects. Often, you may end up sprucing up the rest of your home and forgetting the staircase. The staircase can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home. It can also open up the space and tie the house features together one way we can help you add color and warmth to your staircase is by installing a stair runner. There are several types with the most common being the plastic stair runner. Some of the benefits you would gain from this home addition include:

Protect and preserve stairs

Searching for a company that does flooring near me like Medina is great if you want to preserve your staircase. As a heavy traffic area in your home that handles a lot of weight, it is imperative to take care of it. A stair runner is a more cost-effective option as compared to repair costs you may have to incur over the years. If your staircase is made of wood, our stair runners can help prevent the wear and tear that comes from scratching by pets, furniture, and people.

Highlight your staircase features

A simple way to add a flair of style to your home is by using a plastic stair runner. We have them in several designs, patterns, and colors to suit the theme of your home. By making a trip to or showroom, you can choose a runner that turns your run-down staircase into something newer and easier on the eyes. Furthermore, changing your staircase every time you want to redecorate your home might rack up the bills. However, by choosing a professional company like Medina that does flooring near me, you can get a stair runner to match the theme of the house any time you feel like changing things up.

Precautionary measure

The truth is that stairs can be quite dangerous. They are slippery and if one is not careful, one slip may cause injury. When you have children or pets, you want to stay a step ahead and keep them out of danger. By installing a high-quality plastic stair runner from Medina, you will have done just that. Not only is it less slippery but it is also easy to clean off. Should any spills happen, they will not stain. They tend to be water-proof and you can easily wipe them off with a cloth to make it good as new.

Noise dampening

Surfaces such as stairs tend to make noise if pressure is applied to them. This noise gets worse the older the staircase gets. This noise can be annoying if you have people who go up and down the stairs constantly. However, by hiring a credible company like us that offers flooring near me, this problem can be sorted. We will install a stair runner that will absorb the noise making it muffled to give you peace of mind. Your children or pets can use the staircase without the noise being bothersome.