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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring

Are you looking to upgrade the floors of your home or office? Is laminate flooring one of the options you have considered? Laminate floors have gained popularity through the years and are suitable for any room in your home or office. It all depends on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Below are some facts we would like you to know about these floors before we make the installation for you:

Laminate floors are made of several layers. These layers contribute to the durability and water-resistant qualities of this flooring. Most laminate flooring is composed of four main layers. At the bottom is a layer of laminate to provide stability and protect the board from moisture. Next, is the wood board made from fiberboard that is high-density. This is what provides structural strength and resistance to pressure. On it, there is usually a layer of the image of the pattern and color that want for your home. Lastly, there is a surface protectant layer that is transparent, tightly sealed, and mostly made of plastic. It protects the other layers from stains.

How is it installed?

We install laminate flooring depending on the form it comes in. It is available in planks, tiles, or even strips. Our professionals make the installation smooth and durable by making sure each piece fits and locks into the other before moving on. We come equipped to measure the product needed and trim it to fit the space for the flooring. The amount of time it takes to install depends on the number of rooms in which you need the job done. Before installation, we will discuss the laminate flooring cost to find the flooring that fits your budget securely.

How is it maintained?

If you are thinking of investing in laminate floors, you should add the cost of maintenance to your total laminate flooring cost. However, this won’t be a steep charge. With the flooring option we offer, the surface seal offers secure protection to the inner layers. You only need to clean the surface. For regular cleaning, you can use a vacuum or a dry mop. If you have stubborn stains, a mild soap will come in handy. You need to be cautious not to let water or liquids sit on it too long as water damage may occur. Avoid abrasive cleaning products as they chip the protective layer.

What are the advantages?

Having the pros of this type of flooring would help to make the laminate flooring cost we offer feel worth it. To start with, it is affordable, especially if would like would flooring but aren’t able to afford it. You get the appearance of wood flooring for less. If properly maintained, it is durable and will offer you protection for years to come. It also has sound structural stability as it offers both water and stain resistance qualities. When we do the installation, it takes less time as multiple people can work at once saving time and money.