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It’s Smart To Put Your Money Into Reclaimed Wood Flooring.

The use of reclaimed wood flooring in both new construction and commercial development is growing in popularity. As interest in sustainable development grows, salvaged wood emerges as a top choice for eco-friendly construction. Due to their low environmental impact, wood flooring is the greenest option.

Cleaning up production has never been easier.
Producing engineered wood flooring steel results in 24 times more emissions of hazardous chemicals than producing wood products. A lot of CO2 can be released from concrete.

Producing something out of wood uses less power

The energy needed to produce brick is four times that of wood, concrete is six times, and steel is forty times that of wood.

The trend of certifying wood products is rising
Tree plantations of composite vinyl flooring and other species of Mahogany-like woods were established after regulations were put in place in the 1980s to prevent further harvesting of over-harvested species. Because of this, Europe became the birthplace of the forest certification industry. Only about 8 percent of the world's forests are verified as sustainable at the present time, compared to 39 percent in North America and 54 percent in Europe.

Used lumber is recycled wood.

Once thought lost forever, these logs were found in a river after being perfectly preserved. Warehouse beams from the Industrial Revolution are another useful resource. Wood flooring has a long lifespan and is often used after its first use. Historic flooring from the 18th and 19th centuries is still in use in many homes today. At, experts provide a wealth of design options, and by using stains, faux finishes, and inlays, even an older floor can take on an entirely new